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I am available to run a number of different workshops on a number of topics around child psychotherapy and play therapy. I am available to facilitate these workshops in a number of different organisations such as schools, creches and preschools, parents associations and more. My workshops can be catered for and adapted based on the clients needs. In terms of length they can be half day/full day or an evening/weekend workshop can also be facilitated.
I can also run workshops online through Zoom. For more information about workshops you can email me at

Workshop topics

Below are the workshops I run:

“An Insight into Play Therapy”

“Helping children to manage their big feelings”

“Parenting an anxious child”

Lorraine O Hanlon Anam Saor Therapy

About Lorraine

I am a fully qualified play therapist and psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience working with children and families in Ireland. Read more.

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