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Lorraine features on Radio Kerry monthly offering parenting advice. Listen to Lorraine speaking to Deirdre Walsh on Talkabout.

"Lorraine has proven to be an excellent addition to the ‘TalkAbout’ team. Her genuine interest in children - and understanding of their issues - is obvious to the listeners, and they greatly value her advice and opinions. You sense that she cares and wants to help. She also avoids jargon and speaks in plain, common-sense terms which really resonates with people. Her monthly ‘Parenting Advice’ segment on the show is one of our most listened-to podcasts. Even listeners who don’t have children are fans of the slot."

Talkabout Podcast - October 2020

Lorraine joins Deirdre to talk about helping children to cope with dissappointment:

Talkabout Podcast - September 2020

Lorraine joins Deirdre on the show to chat about creating boundaries for your children and why children need boundaries:

Talkabout Podcast - June 2020

Lorraine on how to get kids to help more around the house:

Talkabout Podcast - May 2020

Lorraine O’Hanlon joins Deirdre to give some advice for parents on making home schooling easier:

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