School Mental Health Programmes

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School Mental Health Programmes

Schools offer a unique environment from which to support children and young people, in developing good mental health and resilience, preventing mental health problems and supporting the effective treatment of existing conditions.

Why it's important to promote mental health in schools

For most people, mental health issues emerge when they are young — half of all mental disorders emerge by the time people are 14 years old and three quarters by 25 years old – the same period when most people are in education.

As well as increasing a person’s opportunity and choices in life, promoting mental health and wellbeing as a core role in education helps students:

  • flourish in their education journey
  • build resilience against adversity
  • develop protective factors from mental ill-health
  • provide them with skills and confidence to self-seek help for early intervention.  

My approach with School Mental Health Programmes

From the outset it is important to say that I am very flexible in what I can do. Each school is different in what they are looking for and I can tailor programmes to fulfil these needs.

Some schools will want a whole school approach where they are looking to improve overall mental health within the school. In this instance I facilitate a 3 tier approach where I run workshops for parents, teachers and class groups seperately. The focus of these workshops can adjust but will often look into strategies to use when we are feeling anxious, down, worried or angry. 

I have also gone to schools to talk about specific mental health topics such as friendships and mindfulness techniques. Some schools may want to focus on anti bullying another may be about promoting mental health.

I am very adaptable and open to what a particular school requires and can tailor my role accordingly. If you have any questions for me with regards to School Mental Health Programmes please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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