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"My son has development delays. I was at a total loss as to where to turn. We came to Lorraine for help, mainly with his social interaction and play skills. From the get go she was always so welcoming and honest with us which I felt was so important in helping us to help him Lorraine works with such professionalism. She had been such a fantastic support to us. Our son has formed a fabulous relationship with Lorraine. The work she has done with him has played such an enormous role in the fantastic progress he had made in the last few months."
"We first contacted Lorraine as we had concerns about our daughter’s anxiety and the impact it was having on her and on our family. Lorraine was a fantastic support to us and gave us plenty of advice and tips on how to help her cope. Our daughter looked forward to her weekly play therapy sessions with Lorraine and we also had regular meetings with Lorraine where we were kept informed of her progress. I felt reassured and calm knowing that we had Lorraine’s support and help during what was a difficult time for our little girl. Our play therapy journey with Lorraine was a success, our daughter speaks fondly of her time with her friend Lorraine who helped her with her worries. And we as parents are now more confident in dealing with our daughter’s feelings and emotions."
“We heard Lorraine from Anam Saor speak on Radio Kerry one afternoon during a period of time which was proving particularly difficult for our daughter. She was a very sad young girl, was reluctant to go to school and her emotions often got overwhelming. We were worried about her to say the least. We decided to make contact with Anam Saor and never looked back. Lorraine’s approach to our daughters issues through play therapy was absolutely brilliant, we as parents gained lots of help and advice also. She helped a young girl who was having difficulties with her emotions and confidence, showing an uncharacteristic negativity to school into a bright, confident young lady who has never looked back. Lorraine met with our daughter on a weekly basis and through Anam Saor’s play therapy sessions we began to see dramatic changes in our daughters behaviour, as she learned how to deal with some overwhelming emotions and also tackle some bullying that was present at school! It’s been almost two years since our daughter was last at Anam Saor. Our daughter has grown up to be a confident, bright friendly teenager, who is enjoying secondary school and teenage life! We are indebted to Anam Saor for their help and would highly recommend play therapy to any parent out there that feels their child needs help. Thank you Lorraine.”
"Our daughter was showing extreme signs of anxiety, especially relating to school and friendships so after an initial meeting we had with Lorraine, our daughter attended play therapy sessions once a week. Lorraine was a lifeline for us as a family as well as the only person our daughter felt that listened to her. As parents we were involved in every way, there were no magic answers, so we all worked together to support our daughter. Lorraine was someone our daughter learnt to trust. The suggestions and guidance Lorraine gave was taken on by us all as a family. You can’t change a situation or what people say, do or think about you but you can work on how you respond, how you deal with things, how you can change things if you are not comfortable, work on the positives. Lorraine is a professional person, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge, she is warm and inviting as is her working environment. Lorraine is very patient and very giving. We learnt it is a process, it takes time, and everything fell into place for our daughter in the end. She was in a much happier place."
"Lorraine is a fantastic play therapist. She worked so well with our daughter. She helped her overcome anxiety & deal with her social emotions, something we could never had done ourselves at home. Our daughter is now a confident little girl all thanks to the help & support from her play therapist Lorraine. Regards, Her Daddy & Mommy. Xxx"
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